Welcome 7th and 8th Graders !

I am very excited to see you all!  I can't wait to share with you mathematical skills I've learned all these years.Looking for a great year of learning. I will be introducing google classroom this school year. I will keep everyone posted for updates where parents can monitor their scholars standing in terms of class works and home works. Just bear with me on this tool because I am newbie on this too. Let's learn hand in hand.
                  I wish everyone to excel and have a wonderful year in class.
Good Luck!!!

Classroom Rules 1. Come to class on time 2. Line up behind the door quietly. Wait for the teacher to give direction before entering the classroom. 3. Proceed directly to designated seat as quietly and orderly as possible. 4. Come to class with your books, notebooks and writing materials at all times 5.No eating and drinking allowed 6.Raise your hand if you need something from the teacher. 7. Raise your hand in answering questions and wait fo…